Extract It


Extract It Roll-on Ingrown Hair Remover

Extract It has been specifically formulated to exfoliate the skin cells thus lifting the hair out of the follicle.

Extract It is a unique formula, utilising lavender oil for it’s antibacterial properties, dries out pimples & pustules as well as minimising scarring.


How It Works

Anyone who suffers from ingrown hairs knows it is actually impossible to prevent ingrown hairs from forming as we simply do not know which follicle it will occur in. Once a follicle is affected, all you want to do is get to it as fast as possible to remove it quickly with minimal invasion or adverse scarring.

Hairs that curl into themselves within the follicle and can’t break though the skin cause the body to react and swell around the hair to form pustules that are painful and become difficult to remove without the possibility of scarring the skin.

Sharp hairs from shaving can turn and embed themselves back into the skin aggravating the follicle and creating unsightly pimples that can be very tender and painful.

Formulated with extra exfoliating ingredients that penetrate to different depths within the skin to exfoliate the skin and draw out the hair from below the surface of the skin for quick, easy and pain free extraction.

Simply roll Extract It onto the affected area on arms, legs, back, underarms, buttocks/bikini area, face & neck. Daily application is recommended after shaving, tweezing, waxing, electrolysis or laser hair removal or, on the onset of an affected area.

For even faster results, light, manual exfoliation is recommended to remove build up of skin cells surrounding affected area.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What makes Extract It works so well?

A: Extract It has been formulated with more exfoliating ingredients that have different sized molecules thus penetrating into the affected area simultaneously at different depths to exfoliate faster.

Q: Can I use Extract It immediately after shaving or waxing?

A: Yes, you can, but Extract It may sting a little as shaving can put fine cuts onto the skin and waxing traumatizes the follicle when removing the hair from the root thus making it more sensitive.

Q: What is “driver/seat” rash?

A: “Drivers/seat” rash or otherwise known as “trucker’s rash” is caused from sitting in the same spot fora long period of time with little or no relief (e.g. a long distance truck driver) Hairs on the buttocks and back of the legs can curl back and embed themselves back into the skin which in turn becomes inflamed, fills with puss and is extremely sore. Extract It can assist by drying out the sore quickly and drawing out the hair, thus giving fast relief.

Q: Do I use Extract It like a deodorant?

A: No. Extract It is to be rolled onto the affected areas only to literally assist in extracting the ingrown hair to the surface. Applying Extract It all over the underarm like deodorant will only build up in the crease and may cause acid burn.

Q: Can I use Extract It on my face and neck?

A: Yes, but only “dab” the ball onto the affected spot/pimple. Rolling it on all over the face will give you and “acid peel” effect.

Q: How long does Extract It take to work?

A: It all depends on how deep the ingrown hair is but generally you should start seeing results 24-48 hours from your first application. Spots & pimples generally begin drying out overnight.

Q: I am applying Extract It on a spot, should I squeeze it first?

A: No, as you would be spreading the fluid/puss of the spot/pimple around. But if you have already squeezed it, blot the excess using a tissue and dab Extract It onto the spot/pimple, bearing in mind that it will sting slightly as the pore is now open.

Q: I am pregnant; can I still use Extract It?

A: No, you should not as Extract It contains Salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a member of the aspirin family and reduces redness and inflammation in the skin. While the topical form of salicylic acid has not been tested on pregnant women, many health care professionals recommend steering clear of using any ointment containing the chemical.

Q: Can I do anything to speed up the process?

A: Yes, you can. By manual exfoliation gently using a soft wash cloth, you will be helping by removing the dead skin cells as the build-up thus bringing an ingrown hair to the surface faster.