Soshan Growth

So how did Soshan Growth begin?  By accident actually!

We found out that some of our active ingredients in one of our other brands, Head of Hair, would work on hair, regardless of where it was and, these actives were also gentle enough to use on the hairs of the brow and eye lashes as well.

Many other products on the market though, have one, milder product that is applied for both the brows & the lashes. But, whilst researching possible formulas, we realised that, as long as we could apply the correct amount of product safely to the brow, we could actually take a stronger formula with added benefits of peppermint and a stronger vasodilator for circulation to the brow. Brow Boost was born! With its sponge tip applicator, we made sure that just the right amount is on the tip so as not to over apply.

The lashes on the other hand, had to have a gentle formula so back to formulating we went.

Being so close to the eye itself, we could not have either peppermint or the stronger vasodilator as it would irritate the eye. Again, we could not have too much being applied that could possibly run into the eye itself, but it would also be a waste of product for no benefit. Lavish Lash came next with its comb style applicator that does NOT take up too much product.

Deciding not to follow everyone else by using the one, milder formula to do both brow & lashes, we would formulate a stronger product for the brow and keep the gentler formula for the lashes giving our customers maximum benefit to both brows & lashes and still be able to deliver more product for their dollar.

Secondly, we also began taking note of repeating customer comments that were already using our Head of Hair range. Our customers were commenting on how hard their nails were becoming. This lead us to further investigate our actives and we found that not only did they work on building the keratin base in hair, but also the keratin base in nails. Nourish Nail was an obvious transition in our range but with added benefits of Macadamia Oil to soften & nourish cuticles and its fine nozzle tip to apply just the right amount to the base of the living nail bed to promote stronger nail growth.

Brow Boost is a super charged, concentrated serum formulated to target the eyebrow hair directly at the root, promoting natural growth of the brow hair.

Supported with a vitamin bearing peptide compound of amino acids to protect & boost the brow hair follicle for fuller, thicker eyebrows…naturally.

Active ingredients literally boosts blood circulation to the brow carrying the high performance serum deep into the brow hair follicle where it replenishes the much needed nutrients direct to where they will work best – at the brow hair follicle.


Lavish Lash is formulated specifically to target the eyelashes directly at the root, promoting natural growth of your own eyelashes.

Lavish Lash mild enough to use around the eye on the lashes, to support the healthy function of the lashes whilst still protecting them from chemical mascaras.


Nourish Nail is specifically formulated to nourish and strengthen natural nail growth. Infused with Macadamia Seed Oil and Vitamin E to also assist cuticle damage.

The concentrated lotion gently, yet effectively, carries the unique, high performance ingredients into the nail bed, replenishing much needed nutrients where they are needed most for boosting growth whilst strengthening the core structure of the nail for longer, stronger nails.