The Soshan Story

From a need, comes an idea and then a desire to make a difference.

This is what makes each and every product in the Soshan range unique.

Not your ‘run of the mill’ skin care line, but a range where each and every product was formulated to target specific issues.

Be it a need to boost growth to over plucked eyebrows or a need to promote natural cell renewal by gently removing dead skin cells without harsh acid peels.

Where ever possible, we try and keep manufacturing here in Australia, but when this is not possible, we have scoured the planet to find the most effective ingredients needed, from factories worldwide, to bring these unique products to our customers.

So why isn’t the Soshan range 100% natural?

An easy question to answer! Just because something is natural, does NOT mean that it is always good for you and an “extract” of something natural, if it has to have a chemical added to it to ‘extract’ the active out, then we do not believe what is left is necessarily 100% ‘Natural’.  For these reasons, we are on the side of caution.  The Soshan range may be over 90% Natural but we would never confuse our customers and claim 100%. Besides, most preservatives are of synthetic origin so very little can really be 100%.

For Example, freshly squeezed lemon juice is absolutely 100% Natural but you certainly would not put it anywhere near your eyes…

Why try Soshan Products?

  • Clinically proven active ingredients – They work!
  • Proven complimentary ingredients – Well known & documented for hundreds of years for their benefits!
  • Unique, concentrated formulas to target specific areas – Faster results for each defined area!
  • Precise applicators for each product – Easy to use with NO waste of product!
  • Australian Made and Australian Owned – Keeps Jobs & Profits in Australia!