Head of Hair’s Regulating Scalp Shampoo thoroughly cleanses the scalp and unclogs follicles using natural, non toxic, non irritating cleansing agents derived from Coconut, Sugar Cane and Palm Oil. Follicles are being

prepared to receive the nutrients needed for healthy hair growth. Sulphate FREE formula will not fade hair that has been colour treated.


Head of Hair’s Herbal Mint Conditioner delivers just the right amount to hair without surface build up. Natural conditioning agents derived from Grape Seed and Coconut, leave hair silky soft, with a smooth, shiny finish. Wheat proteins penetrate to the core of each hair shaft to strengthen and fortify from within. No added synthetic perfumes, waxes or heavy polymers to weigh hair down or block follicles. Just a natural herbal mint fragrance to stimulate the scalp and senses.


Head of Hair’s High Nutrient Scalp spray stimulates and energise hair follicles into action and helps combat free radical damage while maintaining the scalp’s natural acidic mantle.

Its distinctive blend neutralises Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) known to cause thinning hair and increases circulation to the scalp while Organic Aloe delivers your “daily vitamin” blend of nutrients, wheat proteins and keratin amino acids direct to the hair follicle. Energises cell renewal and fuels the follicle for optimum growth to strengthen and fortify the hair root helping anchor new growth for longer.


Head of Hair’s Follicle Boosting Serum is a supercharged scalp ‘fertilizer’ to ‘feed the follicle’ for noticeable areas of the crown, hair extensions or balding spots.

Low density areas are targeted where it’s needed with a simple to apply, vitamin bearing peptide compound of organic amino acids.

Formulated to help inhibit the build-up of toxins such as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) while assisting to stimulate hair follicles with citrus and peppermint extracts that support healthy hair function to protect and repair the hair follicle.


Head of Hair’s Enhance - Mix it in! Spray it on! Give your hair the protection it deserves!

A unique Organic Aloe & Wheat Protein blend that penetrates the hair shaft deep into its core to bond where it counts. Moisturises, strengthens and restores the hair’s integrity and shields the hair from exposure to sun, sea, salt, chlorine and other environmental pollutants.  Formulated to protect yet still ‘enhance’ chemical treatments, it protect hair from styling tools such as dryers, straightening and/or curling irons.

Closes the hair cuticle ensuring hair stays shiny & soft with a natural bounce while colours/highlighters, perms & straightening/relaxing systems last longer.