Soshan Skin

Soshan’s SKiN Renewing Gel removes the dead Keratin layers to renew and restore the youthful vitality of your complexion...naturally!

No AHA’s, No chemical peeling yet the active ingredients reduces discolouration and assist to even out pigmentation. Simple, quick and effective for brighter, more luminous skin!

Use on clean dry skin, before moisturising.


Soshan’s SKiN Moisture Lock Lotion does not run or evaporate quickly and the non-sticky lotion is suitable for use on all skin types, to soothe, hydrate and prime.

Particularly effective under makeup. Foundation is smooth and evenly, giving a flawless finish that’s set for the day.

Japanese liquidisation releases moisture as you massage so the skin can absorb it quickly & easily. The stabilised silicon barrier keeps nutrients close to the skin. Use after Soshan’s SKiN Renewing Gel for maximum benefit.


Soshan’s SKiN Firming Essence has encapsulated power to reinvigorate your skin. With every pump, capsules are broken open, releasing active ingredients.

These combine with the capsule’s seaweed based wall and clear nutrient gel, to achieve a balanced moisturiser with firming ingredients. Use at bedtime under Soshan’s SKiN Recover Balm to restore and firm while you sleep.

Active ingredients are kept fresh, encased in a pearlised ball to protect from deterioration and the airless bottle keeps it from oxidising caused by exposure to the air.


Soshan’s SKiN Recover Balm is the first line of defence against dry, damaged skin!

Keeping our skin healthy is making sure the structure of the epidermis is intact, so it’s natural oils prevent evaporation and keep skin soft & supple.

This keeps moisture in, and the skin’s surface smooth. When damaged, we experience surface roughness, dryness, flaking & fine lines. Allows Skin to recover from damage & reduces inflammation. High in Antioxidants, Recover Balm assists to reduce formation of free radicals and strengthens damaged skin.

Ideal for mature skin!  Use Soshan’s SKiN Recover Balm last each evening and wake up to softer, smoother skin.